SFH’s executive director Namwinga Chintu took time to communicate to the SFH STAR core team for the amazing job done showcasing the Self-Testing Africa program! “Good program work and implementation cannot be staged and therefore what our visitors from South Africa experienced was the real deal” she said.  She continued to say the SA visitors were enthralled with the quality of work and called the program; “best practice in integrated and community models for HIV testing”. They were overall impressed with the program and excellent organization of all aspects of the visit.

SFH was visited in April by a team from Population Services South Africa to learn some best practices in HIV Self-Testing implementation. In the Project manager’s words, it all went smoothly and the delegates definitely found it helpful. A few highlights were mentioned in the Exit Meeting pointing to excellent work in introducing self-testing in Zambia. For example:

  • The Community shop distributors were highly knowledgeable about HIV, HIV testing and HIV self-testing. The SFH – South Africa team have started to adopt the community shops model and have asked for documentation on the same.
  • The adoption of self-testing by the police. Particularly, their strong focus and ownership of HIV programs and the effectiveness of HIV self-testing in helping address losses in the force. The meeting with the Key Pops representatives.
  • The simplicity and effectiveness of the community shops model was also impressive. The passion of the distributors both in the community and the facility considering they do not receive a monetary incentive.
  • Matero facility seemed highly efficient, from documentation to processes. Positives are escorted by members of staff for ART which helps reduce losses which they are finding challenging in their system. The Aaurum institute are trying to address the same issues that Zambart are addressing and are eager to work with them in future.

“Let’s continue to infuse our core values in the work we do. My personal favorite value is excellence! Mate, thanks for your leadership on this and to each and every one of you on the team, I am proud of you and proud to be a member of this team” said Dr. Chintu.