Promoting Universal Health Care has been a priority for Society for Family since its inception in 1992 in Zambia. By partnering with the Ministry of Health (MOH), SFH has continued to support the sector to carry out its mandate in the of health services as enshrined in the 2017-2021 National Health Strategic Plan. On 25th February, 2019, SFH came to the aid of Lusaka Provincial Health Office by donating medical equipment worth approximately one million kwacha. The gesture thrilled the ministry who attributed the mood as a gateway to attaining community and primary health care in the province.

On behave of the Provincial health office, Tasila Tembo an Assistant Public Health Specialist received the items and thanked the organization for the medical equipment that is intended to be used in the province’s seven districts. She mentioned that some of the equipment like the PIMA CD equipment will be used in facilities that are often cut off like Rufunsa and some will be sent to University Teaching Hospital as well as Levy Mwanawasa Teaching Hospital

“We also appreciate that amongst this equipment we have equipment for cervical cancer program that we have and we do believe that with these we will be able to improve the lives of the women that we have in our area” she said. The equipment received by the government this day were; PIMA Machines, PIMA Printer rolls, Cryotherapy Systems, VCT Lancets and Cryovials.

SFH Executive director, Dr. Namwinga Chintu is optimistic that the equipment will ease the burden of the ministry in carrying out its activities. Dr. Chintu mentioned that SFH has seen visible efforts by the ministry in tackling pandemic diseases such HIV and cervical cancer. “We have been partnering in areas of HIV prevention, family planning and several community based activities with the ministry. Today we are donating items worth one million kwacha to Lusaka because we have seen that Lusaka province is striving to deliver cutting edge services from as far back as the early 2000s and we’d like to continue supporting the province and the district to deliver quality HIV care as well as reproductive health services.