Department of Defense (DOD) conducts quarterly Site Improvement through Monitoring Systems (SIMS) assessments on the quality of health services provided by PEPFER and implementing partners in selected supported facilities. The DOD-PEPFAR team from Zambia HQ leads this exercise, in collaboration with the Defence Force Medical Services through the HIV/AIDS secretariat. The assessment is meant to increase impact of programs on the HIV epidemic by highlighting procedures and challenges using standardized tools.

In March 2019, DOD-PEPFAR conducted two SIMS exercises namely; the Above-site and the Site-level assessments. The Above site SIMS involved overall assessment of the VMMC program at SFH HQ in the following focus areas;

 HIV planning, coordination and management: operational planning, supervision and routine data collection/review

 Guidelines and Policies: guideline distribution

 In-service training

 Quality management: VMMC Quality Assurance/Quality Improvement systems

The score for the above mentioned areas was 100%. The Site level assessment was conducted in Southern province at Zambia National Service (ZNS) Choma, Zambia Army (ZA) Army School of Ordinance (ASO) and Zambia Air Force (ZAF) Livingstone. The following program areas were assessed;

 General site management: stake holder engagement, condoms availability, upholding of patient rights, statements on avoidance of stigma and discrimination, injection safety and waste management

 Data quality: reporting consistency, assessment and utilization of performance data

 Precision and safeguarding of client surgical records

 Adverse Event (AE) prevention and management

The following were the scores for the sites in all the program areas;

 ZNS Choma- 100%

 ZA Army School of Ordinance- 100%

 ZAF Livingstone- 93%

We are proud of the achievement and would like to thank the DOD SFH team for their hard work