Society for Family Health is a Zambian non-profit Company Limited by Guarantee affiliated with Population Services International (PSI). Since its establishment in 1992, SFH has worked to improve lives of vulnerable Zambians. SFH activities include; implementation of locally-relevant programs in Maternal and Child Health, Malaria, and HIV prevention in the public and private sector through the use of social marketing strategies. SFH is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of majority Zambian Board members, led by the Board Chair, Mrs. Mable Mung’omba CEO and Team leader of Belcomm Limited, a Fellow and past president of the Zambia Institute of Marketing. SFH adheres to international minimum standards of operations and participates in multi-country collaborations to share best practices. SFH manages multiple grants amounting to over $80 million in the last 5 years, implementing health programs. SFH catalyzes and leads implementation of innovative as well as relevant health programs at all levels of the health system from policy formulation at government level to implementation in community structures. It maintains strategic relationships with the Government of Zambia, participating in national technical working groups as well as provincial planning. SFH partners with Government to support the delivery of an integrated portfolio of programs throughout Zambia. These programs include; Reproductive Health (RH) and family planning, HIV prevention, malaria prevention, cervical cancer screening and treatment, and water purification. It uses research to inform program designs through a skilled research, monitoring and evaluation team, using robust data collection systems. SFH’s unique social marketing background has resulted in the development of well-recognized  brands in Zambia that include; New start for HIV testing services , Maximum Condom product- line, Safe Plan contraception, Clorin for water purification solution among others. It has also gained expertise using both human- centered design techniques and community-focused initiatives that increase awareness as well as create demand for quality health products and services, resulting in positive behavior change.  Over the years SFH has developed community structures that dovetail with Government structures for effective health messaging, and product and service delivery.

Business Operations SFH has a solid administrative infrastructure with robust internal controls to ensure that high-quality services are provided expeditiously. These departments include; Facilities and fleet management, Human resources, Information Technology, Finance, Internal audit, Procurement and Warehousing. To maintain continuous product delivery for its programs, SFH manages its own warehouse, which is fully equipped with electronic stock monitoring systems, and uses an independent distributor model to move health products across the country. Administrative costs are fairly allocated to projects using a common cost methodology. The departments are well- trained in donor rules and regulations. On an annual basis, an independent A-133 audit is performed in addition to regular assessments of operating procedures by the PSI Global Internal Audit team.