SFH catalyzes and leads implementation of innovative as well as relevant health programs at all levels of the health system from policy formulation at government level to implementation in community structures. It maintains strategic relationships with the Government of Zambia, participating in national technical working groups as well as provincial planning. SFH partners with Government to support the delivery of an integrated portfolio of programs throughout Zambia. These programs include; Reproductive Health (RH) and family planning, HIV prevention, malaria prevention, cervical cancer screening and treatment, as well as water, sanitation and hygiene. It uses research to inform program designs through a skilled research, monitoring and evaluation team, using robust data collection systems. SFH’s unique social marketing background has resulted in the development of well-recognized  brands in Zambia that include; New start for HIV testing services , Maximum Condom product- line, Safe Plan contraception, Clorin for water purification solution among others. It has also gained expertise using both human- centered design techniques and community-focused initiatives that increase awareness as well as create demand for quality health products and services, resulting in positive behavior change.  Over the years SFH has developed community structures that dovetail with Government structures for effective health messaging, and product and service delivery.

Interventions & Achievements: Voluntary Male Medical Circumcision (VMMC): In 2007, SFH used unrestricted seed funding to demonstrate the feasibility of scaling up the provision of VMMC services through public- private partnerships. With additional funding, between 2009 and 2015, the program grew to support 185,477 males, translating into over 60% circumcised males countrywide. Currently, the focus has shifted to the most impactful age group of males between 15-29 years. SFH has been using innovative methods of demand generation to reach the targeted population. SFH also provides VMMC services to Zambia Defense Force Health facilities and personnel.     

HIV counseling and testing:  From 2009 to 2014, SFH operated 10 static and several outreach sites across 10 provinces in Zambia under the SFH owned franchise- New Start- to generate demand for HIV testing services. New Start also developed campaigns aimed at encouraging couple counselling which led to more than 1 million people being tested. In 2015, SFH introduced HIV Self-Testing (HIVST) in Zambia as a pilot to generate crucial information on how to distribute HIVST products effectively, ethically and efficiently.

Reproductive Health and Family Planning: Through direct provision of services in private stand-alone clinics and using our dedicated provider model in pubic settings, SFH has provided 10.5 million SafePlan and MyChoice oral contraceptives as well as increased advocacy for Long Acting Reversible Contraception and integrated service delivery from 2009 to date. Since 2015 a total of 534 community based distributors have been trained on Family planning service provision including a portion on injectable. Recognizing the increase in pregnancies and HIV amongst adolescents, SFH has repositioned itself to provide adolescent friendly services.

Safe Water & Hygiene:  In 1998, SFH launched a water treatment solution branded as Clorin. Today this brand is a nationally recognized product used for household water purification. From its launch to date, SFH has distributed 15.1 million bottles using social marketing across the country, treating over 9.8 billion liters of water for the prevention of diarrheal diseases. SFH sits on the disaster management unit to facilitate the prevention of waterborne diseases such as cholera in vulnerable locations in Zambia.  

Condom Social Marketing: SFH works through private, public and non-governmental channels to increase access to HIV prevention products and services. Since 2009, SFH has worked to strengthen HIV awareness, and increase correct and consistent condom use. Over 129 million male condoms and 1.9 million female condoms have been distributed so far. SFH male condom brands include; Maximum Classic, Maximum scented and Maximum Combat. SFH recently launched the new woman’s condom which is branded Maximum Diva.  

Malaria prevention: From 2009 to 2014, SFH, through USAID funding, partnered with the National Malaria Control Center to distribute over 3.9 million Long Lasting Insecticide Nets (LLIN) nationwide including the Mama Safenite brand.